Small Groups

From the beginning, early churches meet together in groups for corporate worship. Small groups also have an important place in the life of a church. Acts 5:42 reminds us that the Apostles never stopped teaching as they taught and made disciples. People met together in their home sto provide spiritual and emotional support.

People met together in their homes to provide spiritual and emotional support. FMC small groups meet weekly, fortnightly or once a month in worshippers'/members' homes or in church. They make up of individual groups comprising youths and young adults, singles, married couples, families to groups with special interests. These groups meet to study a variety of bible study material. Sometimes they invite lay leaders to conduct a series of book studies over a number of weeks.

If you and your family would like to be part of a small group, please feel free to approach any of the pastors or FMC members for more information on the timing, location, and frequency of these meetings.

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