Christian Education & Discipleship

Crèche Ministry

We provide a safe and conducive environment for our parents and their newborns to 3 year-olds to worship and learn God’s Word in a meaningul, age appropriate way.

Sunday School Nursery & Kindergarten

We nurture our kids towards a relationship with God through songs and bible stories and scripture memory. And we go beyond the classroom setting by bringing the children for outings regularly. The nursery class is a bilingual one where both teachers and students are from the English and Mandarin congregations.

Sunday School Junior Department (English)

Sunday School Junior Department cater to children from age 10 (Pri 4) to age 12 (Pri 6). We teach the children, lessons from Bible stories and teach them to memorize bible verses so that they can use it in their daily life. Occassionally, we will have outings to the outdoors for fun and games.

Sunday School Junior Department (Chinese)

We have weekly practices for monthly song ministry at first and second english services.

Sunday School Teens Department (English)

The Teens Ministry is on and about inspiring teens to embrace the Christian faith for themselves and to greater love for Christ.

Besides curriculum based on the Word that is taught every Sunday when we meet, we have worship sessions, fun games and birthday celebrations. We also organise and hold the Teens Camp and the yearly Vacation Bible School (VBS).

Join us if you are 13 through 16 years old! And if you will like to serve alongside and mentor our teens.

Sunday School Teens Department (Chinese)

The Teens Sunday School (Chinese) caters to youths between 13 and 19 years old. Our focus is to help our youths to know God personally and accept Christ as their personal Saviour. This is done through weekly worship sessions and teaching of biblical principles and Christian values to deepen our students’ understanding of the Bible.

In addition, youths are guided to apply these Christian principles and values in situations they face in their lives and to build spiritual disciplines such as the daily reading of God’s Word and prayer. The Sunday School students take part in various activities in church and are introduced to the different ministries in church.