Outreach & Social Concerns

Outreach & Social Concern (OSCC) Ministry seeks to address the needs of the poor and needy in our neighbourhood with practical help and to show them Christian love.​

Tuition Ministry

We provide weekly tuition programme for Primary 1-6 children in English and Math subjects in the neighbourhood. Occasionally we also organise outings and fun events for children to enhance their learning experience.

MY Manna Ministry

Due to Covid 19, all activites have been temporarily suspended until further notice.

In partnership with MYMCA and the Social workers from different charities, we distribute food ration to the poor and needy (assessed by Social workers) who are nearby our neighbourhood.

Elderly Care Corner

In partnership with Farrer Park RC, we organise senior-friendly activities and outings for the senior residents at Farrer Park Road so as to promote active and graceful aging.