Updates on Covid-19

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In response to the latest announcement on Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), MCCY has issued a press statement.

Church leadership would like to inform all members:

In line with the new measures for Stabilisation Phase, FMC will commence on-site worship services as below, from 27 September 2021.

a) On-site worship services will commence as below.

Service timings:

CongregationTimeCapacityVaccination status
English8:00am150paxFully vaccinated
English11.30am100paxFully vaccinated
English4:00pm (1st and 3rd Sunday)50paxUnvaccinated
Mandarin9.45am250paxFully vaccinated
Mandarin / Foochow2:00pm (Only Holy Communion Sunday)50paxUnvaccinated
Foochow11.20am100paxFully vaccinated

* Services are required to be separated into zones of 50pax each.

Safety Measures:

  1. As per the new advisory released by MCCY on 9 Nov 2021, we can now have up to 100 worshippers in each zone for congregational worship services. The separation between the zones is also reduced to 2 metres.
  2. We strongly encourage all who are serving/volunteering during onsite service and onsite ministries at church to undergo a self-administered Antigen Rapid Test, even if you are fully vaccinated.
  3. Please check in using the TraceTogether token or app.
  4. Show Proof of Vaccination status
  5. All congregants attending worship service are to sit in groups of maximum 2 pax. This applies to all, including families. This will mean that you will be seated in the following combinations;
    1. 1 to 2 adults Or
    2. 1 adult and 1 child
  6. Seniors aged 60 years old and above are strongly discourage from attending or supporting religious activities, even if they are vaccinated. Seniors should also take their vaccination booster shot if they are eligible.

The Registration Process

  1. Register indicating the Service Timing.
  2. CONFIRMATION completes your Registration.
  3. Call the Office if you have not received your CONFIRMATION.
  4. CONFIRMATION is needed to attend the service.

After The Service

  • Leave the church premises immediately.
  • Avoid mingling and conversation in the church

What to expect upon entry from 29 August 2021?

  1. You will be expected to show proof of vaccination status to the workers at entrance.
  • Show vaccination status on TraceTogether app.

    • Scan TT app or token on available mobile device

The volunteers at the zone entrances will need to decline entry to anyone who is not vaccinated or has no negative Covid test result.

  • Show hard copy/soft copy of vaccination card, with visible identification.

Submit Your Vaccination Status

Pastoral Letters by Rev Poh Heow Lee, Pastor-in-Charge (October 2021)

Dear FMCians,
Our PM shared last Saturday (9 Oct) that the ‘new normal’ is expected to be some 3 to 6 months away. In anticipation of this changes were announced, streamlining of procedures were made and plans projected for quarantine-free travel. Of course the details need to be fleshed out. But expectations have been raised. Queues have been formed at the SIA service centres. Demands for more relaxation of measures continue. Yet caution seen in the measures are still required. We are preparing as a nation for the new normal. What about the church?

Bishop’s Letter: Rev Dr Gordon Wong on COVID Vaccination Program

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About TraceTogether (TT)​​

TraceTogether-only Safe Entry (TT-only SE) brought forward to 17 May 2021

Please take note that it was previously announced that TT-only SE was slated to be implemented from 1 June 2021 across all venues that experience a higher throughput of visitors and/or where persons are likely to be in close proximity for prolonged periods. The implementation of TT-only SE will now be brought forward to 17 May 2021. From 17 May 2021, scanning of SE-QR codes with the phone camera and Singpass App will be discontinued. To ease the transition, ID check-ins will be retained until 31 May 2021.

  • The SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) is a new check-in method that allows individuals to check in more quickly and seamlessly. It can also be used to check if the TraceTogether (TT) Token is working as intended.
  • The user checks in by bringing the TraceTogether (TT) Token or App close to the SEGW (in the range of 1-25cm).
  • Besides the SEGW check-in Box, SEGW Check-Out Boxes are rolled out to help improve our contact tracing efforts.
  • Please note that SEGW does not work with the Singpass app; it only detects the TT Token or App.

Why use TraceTogether?​

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SafeEntry Gateway Tap-in System

TraceTogether Token

TraceTogether Token Replacement

TraceTogether App

SafeEntry with TraceTogether