With the blessings of the church leaders and brothers and sisters, the Pastoral and Admin Team and several family members went north to Malacca early on Monday morning (15/8/22) to begin a three-day and two-night retreat.
Thanksgiving! – A valuable step
A group of people coming together is only a compound, coming together in unity is a team. God is building up the FMC Pastoral and Admin Team. This very first retreat after more than two years of the pandemic was a valuable step toward building a more united team for ministry.
On the 15th, we arrived in Yong Peng — a town familiar to our Foochow Congregation brothers and sisters– at around 11:00 am to have breakfast. At 1:30 pm, we arrived at the retreat site. The team spent the afternoon together in the city and had time of worship and prayer in the evening. It was a precious moment for the team to draw near to God together!
On the 16th, PIC Rev Andy and Rev Ong led the team to look at the results of each person’s DISC test after the morning devotion. We were reminded not to label one another after doing this test. The purpose of this test is not only to know ourselves and one another so that we can serve and work together better, rather, it is done in the hope that it would bring greater blessings and impact to individuals and to the team; and, ultimately, to our spiritual family which God has entrusted to us.
On the 17th, after worship, listening and meditating on God’s words and prayers, we had communion, and we took turns to pray for one another. Before lunch, we reviewed the worship services of the previous Sunday and the preparation for the coming Sunday. We went south in four cars and set off on our way home afterwards.
Thanksgiving! – Father God continues His works in the team
God tells us through the Apostle Paul, “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10) – Surely, God will continue His work in every co-worker, and He will continue His good work in this team and in our spiritual home too! Be excited about what He is going to do in our midst!