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ZOOM Talk on Same Sex Attraction

SSA Talks in 2021

Time: 2.30pm to 4pm
Venue: Zoom

Date Title of Talk Speaker
2 May God’s Gentle Healing on SSA People Mr. Leo Hee Khian
9 May Theology of Sexuality Rev Nathanael Goh
6 June 377A: To Keep or to Repeal? Mr Darius Lee
13 June Essential listening skills for befriending Ms Kwok Wan Yee



Profile Description of Mr Leo Hee Khian

Leo is a professional counsellor, a champion of biblical sexuality and personally invested in helping the sexually broken. His experiences have been called on many occasions, including the teaching of the Word in relation to contemporary sexuality issues, managing a helpline that offers counselling to the sexually broken and facilitating an inter-church support community for persons with same-sex attraction. He had written articles like Two perspectives on helping gay youth and “Love”; Fatherlessness; Same-sex Marriage – How Family got Deconstructed in America to clarify and defend godly truths and values.

Synopsis of Talk – God’s Gentle Healing on SSA People

In his talk, God’s Gentle Healing on SSA People, Leo will be giving an overview of the struggles people with same-sex attraction go through and having his counselees share their experience of confusion, depression and breakthrough.

Invited counselees: Jennifer and Privin

Profile Description of Rev Nathanael Goh

Rev Nathanael Goh is a CAC pastor currently appointed to Sengkang Methodist Church. Prior to joining the Chinese Annual Conference, Nathanael undertook doctoral studies in Christian Ethics at the University of Durham. His research interests in the intersection of Christian theology, politics, ethics and the interpretation of Scripture.

Synopsis of Talk – Theology of Sexuality

Talk of Christianity and human sexuality often quickly devolves into intractable debates about moral quandaries and legal battles. It seems like the Christian faith is perpetually mired in controversy with the world. However, the Christianity has a more profound and substantial insight into the good of the human body than these debates alone can capture. Together let us rediscover, in our rich Christian heritage, a way of thinking about the good of human sexuality and the body.

Profile Description of Mr Darius Lee

Darius Lee holds a Masters of International Law and Human Rights from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He advocates for religious freedom, marriage and the sanctity of human life, and has contributed actively in public forums as well as his blog, I on Singapore. He has written about his journey of discipleship in his book, Like a Fire in My Bones: A Journey of Discipleship.

Darius practises law at Characterist LLC. He has also published a number of peer-reviewed articles in academic journals on various issues in international and domestic law. In a 2021 article published in the Singapore Academy of Law Journal, he wrote about efforts in various countries to ban interventions to change or suppress individuals’ sexual orientation or gender identity.

Synopsis of Talk – 377A: To Keep or to Repeal?

Section 377A of the Penal Code is a Singapore law that criminalises acts of “gross indecency” between male persons. It is a controversial law, and there have been many attempts to push for its repeal.  Should Singapore keep or repeal Section 377A? How should we address the push to decriminalise homosexual acts?

In this session, Darius Lee will explore the topic from the perspective of law and public policy, and how we can speak the truth in love on such controversial issues.

Profile Description of Ms Kwok Wan Yee

Kwok Wan Yee trained as a counsellor while she was a teacher. Later she was also a trainer in crisis relief and grief therapy. She is a certified NLP practitioner. She continues to use counselling skills in a variety of situations. She is a member of Charis Methodist Church and serves on the Board of Family Life in CAC.

Synopsis of Talk – Essential listening skills for befriending

Listening is one of the best things a person can do for a friend or someone in need. This session will help set expectations as well as provide guidance on ethical boundaries for the “listener”. It will be an interactive session to help the participant discover any personal taboos, and includes role playing.

Admission is by registration ONLY.

Meeting link and password will be sent to registered participants prior to the meeting.