There will be a FMC memorial service to remember members we have known and loved who have passed on during the last 36 months. It is a time where we gather with those who have been bereaved, to renew our trust and confidence in Christ.
The details of the memorial service are as follows:
  • Date: 29 Oct 2022 (Sat)
  • Time: 11-12pm
  • Venue: FMC Sanctuary (L2)
All family members and friends of the above are invited to attend the memorial service. The Church Office will be inviting the families directly.
Due to limited parking space, we would advise participants to park outside of church.
  1. Ling Sing Chee 林新琦
  2. Dennis Er Ing Yon 余英勇
  3. See Kim Kok 徐镇国
  4. Foo Meng Kiaw 符明娇
  5. Helen Nga 符亚梅
  6. Hong Kok Sit 洪可植
  7. Tan Ing Quee 陈仁贵
  8. Quan Sing Wei 管新伟
  9. Lou Yu En Katherine 劳于恩
  10. Lok Wai Ling 骆玮玲
  11. Lee Ai Sin 李爱心
  12. Ding Diong Ming 陈朝明
  13. 黄素华
  14. Lau Foo Nam 刘甫南
  15. Lee Guan Bee 李銮微
  16. Huang Phay Ching 黄佩今
  17. Wong Bee Choo 王美珠
  18. Ling How Chong 林孝耑
  19. Lee Lip Poon 李立本
  20. Ong Lui Choo 王明珠
  21. Cheng Pek Keow 钟碧娇
  22. Leong Wah Shing 梁华胜
  23. Chieng Hea Ding 詹惠珍
  24. Diong Woong Siew 张文寿
  25. Liu Chia Ying 刘家英
  26. Ke X i柯晞
  27. Margaret Ng Shwu Woan 黄淑雯
  28. Wu Tsung Kan 吴从干
  29. Albert Wu Say Hock 伍世福
  30. Yu See Choo 俞仕珠
  31. Liu Chien Sin 刘建新
  32. Tan Chye Muay 陈才妹
  33. Soh Jin Koon 苏仁坤
  34. Bertie Cheng Shao Shiong 郑绍雄
  35. Ling Siok Jiew 林雪球
  36. Lee Bih Yuk 李碧玉
  37. Khoo Wee Peng 邱伟鹏
  38. Ting Kwee Choo 丁贵珠
  39. Pang Ee Ann 潘裕安
  40. Belinda Yee Swee Guat 余瑞月
  41. Guok Fong Moi 郭凤梅
  42. Lee Lau Tee 李春玉
  43. Ling Ngan Ngieng 林颜严
  44. Justina Lang YiZhen 蓝义贞
  45. Cheong Kum Voon 张锦换
  46. Goh Ee Choo 吴依珠
  47. Ling Chon San 林全宋
  48. Ng Siang Ngo 黄祥娥
  49. Ling Mee Lang 林美兰
  50. Chan Siew Yen 曾秀燕
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