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Memorial Service 2023

The details of the memorial service are as follows:
  • Date: 11 November 2022 (Sat)
  • Time: 2 – 3pm
  • Venue: FMC Sanctuary (L2)
There will be a FMC memorial service to remember members we have known and loved who have passed on during the last 12 months.
It is a time where we gather with those who have been bereaved, to renew our trust and confidence in Christ.



9Lee Ik Su李一澍10Lee Ik Su李一澍11Lee Ik Su李一澍12Lee Ik Su李一澍13Lee Ik Su李一澍14Lee Ik Su李一澍15Lee Ik Su李一澍16Lee Ik Su李一澍17Lee Ik Su李一澍18Lee Ik Su李一澍19Lee Ik Su李一澍10Lee Ik Su李一澍

No Name 姓名
1 Wong Lee Chin 黄丽珍
2 Lee Ik Su 李一澍
3 Lau Su Keng 刘思庚
4 Lim Seow Pheng 林绍平
5 Yeo Yew Ngin 杨幼银
6 Ting Hua Ing 陈华英
7 Esther Pung 欧阳昌行
8 Wong Pik Yoke 王碧玉
9 Owen Liu Huai En 刘怀恩
10 Lim Sau Kum 林秀金
11 Ting Geok Kiang 陈玉钦
12 Ho Seng Chong 何盛宗
13 Lauw Joe Nio 刘有娘
14 Ho Chee Sin 何致善
15 Ling Yu Chich 林佑捷
16 Loo Chwee Ling 吕萃玲
17 Rev Fong Mow Hee 洪茂喜牧师
18 Chia Wai Ching 谢慧贞
19 Chng Shih Hao 莊士皓
20 Tan Siew Hoon 陈少文
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